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Blogpost 17Donderdag 28 juli 2016


Again an awesome day. I am sitting at Berglake, away from the crowd around the big shelter at this campground. This is a fávourite campground! People who definitely want to set camp here are sitting behind there computers at openingstime in januari, like I used to do for Lowlandstickets. Thats is why my sceduling was so difficult, all the most beautiful campgrounds were already fully booked in januari for almost whole summer.

Away from everybody at Berglake in the afternoon

This morning awake at 4.30am at campground Whitehorn along the Berglake trail and walked away, my friend on my back, at 7 sharp! 2,5 hour to get dressed, pee, pack my tent, make breakfast, dump, pack my rucksack and having a little chat with the Canadian. A record was set! 

This set is my pauze at any beautiful spot.

Happiness was my friend all day long. Truly truly enjoying hiking here on my own.

There was a lot of water today, real falls! Let me make clear that these pictures cannot show you what I experience at the moment I am standing there! I am looking, breathing and sometimes tears come into my eyes. Because of many things….

I saw a big marmot. My third spotted animal. I made a video, but he just sat totally frozen for 3 minutes. I had a painfull back, sleeping leg and flat battery, but a v├ęry interesting video. 


Arrived already at 1pm at the Berglake Campground, pitched the tent. Knee was perfect today, 10 km mountain up. And now relaxing at this fabulous spot already for hours! Do not feel like swimming in this lake…the glacier is too close. 
I had a relaxing afternoon with all kind of people hanging around. Sat for hours at the Lake, had my dinner and went to bed very early again. I am very happy with all my gear and everything I learned last year. My mattress is perfect, sleepingbag good, Icebreaker bedclothes and fluffy hutsocks kept me perfectly warm across the glacier. During the night you have these enormous thundersound when a piece of ice is falling of the glacier into the lake. In the morning same routine and hup I went for a dayhike to Snowbird pass. 

OH Nooo, 4 evenings ahead of me.
Catched the morningsun in Berglake at 7

I left my tent where is was, so a light package today without all the campingstuff! And that was my luck. I have never been so tired before this week. Saw very little people this 20km. The first part was easy, pretty horizontal, besides rivers, calming environment. Then came the climb…..and it was steep up (and down) with no path or clear signs where to go, so I had to be very carefull and no dreaming. I had to follow the piles of rocks which I couldn’t find always. I felt really quiet and peacefull today, got my first real rainshowers, felt so confidental and safe in my raincovers and again had thankfull thoughts about my hikingfriend who taught me everything last year. 

Glacier and floating pieces of it

I was impressed by nature.  Sometimes I just sat down and stared at the mountains, feeling so small and in strange way gratefull. 

On the way back the tiredness became ahwful, and I was so n├│t looking forward to move to another campground tonight 2 km further up the road, where i made a reservation in januari because this campground was fully booked coming night.

When I arrived at my tent after this mindfull 10 hours, I was s├│ exhausted that I didn’t want to do ├ínything anymore. I decided to stay illegally another night at this campsite, and just could hope they (no clue who this might be then) would not send me away. I had seen still empty spots so sometimes people just do not show up there where they made reservations half a year before. After eating my dinner I left the rest of my food in my tent, i had no energy to walk to this foodstorage again, i took the risk for Mr. Bear. I left my lenses in my eyes and just slept for 10 hours. 

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  1. wat een goed nieuws dat het zo ontzettend goed gaat ! En dat je nog meer dan ontzettend geniet…
    En vooral ook dat het zo goed gaat met je knie !
    Heerlijk dat je ons een beetje laat mee genieten….
    Leg er mijn vakantie boek graag voor aan de kant.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  2. Heerlijk moeders, let nature come over you!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  3. Fijn om zo mee te kunnen genieten van je prachtige ervaringen. Prachtige foto’s van adembenemend mooie lakes. Ik kan me je tranen soms wel voorstellen. Ga vooral verder met genieten. Fijn dat het zo goed gaat.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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