Weg von Der Malerweg

Shall I write in Dutch, English or German?

Well, for all my foreign followers (hahaha) I better do it in my excellent English.

This trail was a forced second choice after the Corsica cancellation. I had been able to book two flights via a bug in the Air Corsica website and so it seemed we had nothing on the night before we should have left by plane to this South-European Island.

We wanted to use our so well packed backpacks with food for at least 6 days in “the remote mountains”…. no money left for new tickets, no need for civilazation, hotels, restaurants, shops, lots of tourists and moneyslurping other stuff. The 112 km long extremely sceneric (the book said) Malerweg in East-Germany seemed the best option for our untrained bodies… I mean my untrained fat body.

Paul with his 22 kiloos, my hero!

We found the start, we found the first campsite… very Easty…no shop… much paperwork…big gate. We had still a bottle cold wine in the car so no problem. No need for a huge hiking meal because we had only been in the car. The Dorito’s were enough. Next morning ready to go. We left our little blue baby, with the chairs and the rest of the little luxury we took, at the start of the Malerweg in Liebethal Grund.

We left car and Liebethel Grund

And we were off….hiking…Paul with approx 22 kilo’s and me much less…18 or 19 I guess. I did my very best too see the beauty around me, I tried to chear up Paul a bit, he had só been looking forward to Corsica and in the meantime I was nót thinking about the pain who stook his head up more and more during the day.

This was unexpected…

At 7pm we were in Stadt Wehlen at a painters hostel on the terrace who also had a piece of grass for our tent. And, more important, had cold beer! Yeah, I decided to turn into a beerdrinker because of the too sweet dry wine. Prosit! Section 1 was done.

The not maintained bíg house, the painter, an old Englishman from Dresden, once full of big dreams, his bit sad story, thats one of the benefits from travelling. Another story of life stored in my memory!

An der Elbe in Stadt Wehlen

Day 2, the almost same amount of kilo’s on our back, because we had eaten a meal at the Elbe in stead of our dried ones. Full possitivity we went up and down the trail but this feeling went as much up and down as the path itself.

We thought it was a shortcut, climbing for me, with Paul around no problem.

Schön was!

Goddamned, my legs felt like iron, no matter how much trailmix I ate. The views were oké, pretty nice, it looked a lot like Ninglinspo in the Ardennes and the Müllerthaltrail in Luxembourg….nice…. Strange shaped rocks in the wood, bit dark, lots of moss, sunshine through the leaves…nice…

No campsites on the trail??!! No way I carry all these kilo’s and then not use them. We hiked 3 kms further for the one and only spot for our tent…. next to 100 little tents and their inhabitants: participants of the Jonnahiter scoutscamp, yoehoee!! My very friendly partner was so kind when one of them start talking to him that 2 minutes later 10 of them where circling around us… like they have had “ein Sprechverbot” the last week. Holy shit! I only wanted to lay down with my just bought bottle cold “dry” white wine. Luckely their Akela whistled and we were free. After two sips, I slept.


Day 3 was a Sunday, which meant that the most beautiful Bastei on our trail was too crowded to be true…Sundaytrip nr1 for whole East Germany and Czechië together.

Lots of rockformations like this one in this area.

We walked over this bridge, but I have not a drone

We tried to work ourselves through the crowds with our too big rucksacks, several times we almost bumped someone over the rail when we turned around too impulsive. It would have been só beautiful, but I still have to learn to enjoy the environment when its full of Japanese, Chinese or….Germans.

A tablemountain in Germany.

Back in the dark cool woods it was a long stretch on my burning feet to the next camping. The weight was só pushing me down that my feet felt like they had increased from size 39 to at least 42.

We arrived again at the only possible campsite in this area. Wildcamping is not allowed in Germany, not that I am such an obediant person, but a German ranger in your tent is not appealling at all, no chance he buys your pityful story of an exhausted poor old lady while Paul is hiding in his sleepingbag. So hike till you die…and take the last (ugly) spot at the campsite near Bad Schandau.

Campsite in Bad Schandau

Such a horrible camping but such nice food. The biggest fresh made trout ever, yammie!! And beer, Erdinger weißbeer… auch yammie! The night was loud, even with earplugs.

Next morning something has changed inside of me. I was very focussed on leaving the campsite, but not fussed on the 18km 4th episode. The solution was in front of our nose, shortcut of 13 kms by a touristic little train.

We were the only ones at 8am. After a huge breakfast in a pension on the road, the way up afterwards was extra hard.


5 kms later it was noon and we were ready! Bút no campsite. The “mountainhut” on the map was a pension along the road and would open at 3pm. We hiked on and I slowly started introducing a change of plans by Paul: “Could you possibly maybe just as a thought……”…..

An hour later we sat in the bus back to our blue Baby.

Waiting for the bussssss

As impulsive and forced we had started this trail, so impulsive but free we were making new plans. Still 2 weeks to go.

It had been an interesting 4 days.

I had never been in this area, so ✔️.

I had never had such a tired feeling hiking uphill. No trips anymore like this without proper preparation!

I have never had so much pain in the soles of my feet during a hike. I know now my knees will hold, my heels also, my body holds, I hike on till we are there ✔️but without rewards on top…. it gets difficult. No beautiful views at the top where instant happiness fells over you. No beautiful spots where you pitch your tent and birds take over. No sunsets or -rises. My spirit did not hold, I got bored and Paul too.

Mountains! We missed the mountainfeeling!

But no regrets! It has been 4 good days in der Sächsische Schweiz! And now towards the mountains.

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