No Corsica

I will never book a flight myself again, never!! This is the third time in two years that I am not in the plane I supposed to be in. I have the printed confirmation in my hand but I am not in their system.

What is the matter with me and airplanes?

I love details, I love to hear them ánd I love to tell them but most people are not interested in reading them I suppose, not here…

So very short summary: We were suppose to fly to Corsica and hike the Mare e Monti trail and now we are in the car driving through Germany.

The first driverbreak

Detail for those who are like me: I found a bug in the Air Corsica website. I could rebook my flight in April, I could pay €82 for that terwijl that was even not possible with my ticket. So, how clever is this?! The bug only didnot reserve two chairs in the plane unfortunately… So Air Corsica was sorry, paid me the €82 back and we could go home.

Home with our backpacks full of trailmix, dried meals, waterfilter, sunblock, no clothes, no luxery, but só ready to go.

Macrolens packed, goodbye garden..hope my flowers survive

I lie a little bit, because we found this out on the phone the night before when we wanted to check in. But maybe you know that feeling the evening before you leave, your rucksack stands there, your clothes you’re gonna wear for 3 or more weeks beside it, only one last night in a real bed to go and your adventure can begin. “Owh wait… checking in now is usefull…” and 3 hours later our adventure has come to an end. No Corsica this year.

Nice golden fields of corn in Germany

Next morning we tried to call Air Corsica again, we could not totally let go yet…. but after being on hold for 30 minutes we made the final decision not to take the train to Brussels, not to argue at their desk, not to throw away Paul first holiday and we focussed on our new made holiplan.

The Painters Way

I once gave Paul a Christmaspresent, a big book with the 40 most beautiful trails in the world, to keep him dreaming and making plans. He took that book from the vensterbank and the first trail mentioned in this book we are going to right now: The Painters Way! It is in Germany, but Der Malerweg sounds not appealing at all, Germany doesnot appeal at all anyway…. it took us a few minutes before we decided to get over that deeply rooted perception and give it a shot.

Together on a holiday….

On the way we wanted to see the highly recommanded longest suspensionfootbridge that was somewhere on a list, but because it was in Germany we never went.


Well well well, Geierlay, seen it, done it but certainly no a t-shirt. It was nót exciting at all. It hardly moved and it was (of course) só solid and safe that you didnot feel an adventurer at all crossing it. So Paul made an impulsive jumpie and his most cherished Camelbak waterbottle made a jump with him directly over the rail into the deep(😂) (chasm?) That was the adventure of the day…..Geierlay.

And we are further on the way!

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  1. Wat een pech. Ik boek bij reisbureau. Met een beetje opslag boeken ze de goedkoopste reis. En je kunt altijd op hen terugvallen.

    Met hartelijke groet / Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Wil Houben

    Retersbekerweg 22 6343 PK Voerendaal gmail: mobiel: +31 6 4620 3508


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  2. Je foto’s worden wel steeds beter!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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