A day off is a busy day of dreaming away.

A thursdays is my day off. The most busy day of the week. I wake up, jump out bed grab a cappuccino and jumb back in with my laptop. I can do so many things with my Mac….really fill the whole day without getting out of there.

Morning in bed

I can write a blog. But if I write, the most timeconsuming activity comes after writing…… choose nice fitting pictures with it.

My Instagram account

I can connect my harddisc and start Camera Raw to select a picture for Instagram. I still want to share.

I can study photography by watching tutorials. Oh my god….só many.

I can read my new guidebook (ebook of course, so i can take it with me in my backpack) of Australia and make notes to make a little step towards a maybe next destination. (Argentina has been put on the list lately too)

I can make a list of what I wanna do today….. out of the bed….

I can search recepies for the following 4 days groceries. Paul is on a businesstrip, my cook too.

I can read about how to loose weight without a diet. It seems to be that i gained 10 pounds last month by cycling to work for already six weeks, which means 140 kms each week, approx 8 hours of spinning each week… and I gain weight…and no, thats not because of growing muscles. A: I do not see neither feel muscles and B: I see ánd feel fat. But this is definitely not where I want to focus on on my day off, so delete.

And thén…. things are popping in. A message of a photogapher i follow. And he posted a link to an interesting website of tutorials, on that website I see one about ND filters and and and …. thats only óne distraction.

Work-emails on my screen… nonono not today. How to make your garden winterproof? Ow shit, do I like my garden also in the winter? Dentistappointment…. can i not better skip that to 2019 in case of insurance? Call the insurance! Nonono not today.

But most distraction have a link to what really interests me, thats my problem. They have a link with travelling.

I booked pretty unexpected a trip to the desert. Not impulsively, defenitely not, I spend days thinking and talking about it and made a well balanced decision. More about this in my next blog!

I want to take an ND filter with me and need to know more about it before I buy or rent one. So it all makes sense in a way.


After 2 hours in bed behind my Mac the whole world has been passing by. Loads of information has been trying to stuck in my brains. At this specific moment I have the urge to study on English grammar because I stumble over the hasbeens -ingings…. but no… I prefer dreaming about deserts and camels….


Oh shit … i forgot my appointment with the opticien!!!

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  1. Haha, Caro, heerlijk weer wat van je te lezen!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  2. A nice trip through a chaotic head!


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