2019 Travel plans.

The year started in Wales, Snowdonia.

A familytrip with friends and a perfect spot to celebrate life. Hiking in Wales can be challenging but is also very friendly and beautiful. Whiskey in Wales tasts almost as good as in Scotland, specially with best friends. Fireworks are on the other hand nothing compared to our lovely little country.

A new period full of plans and dreams ahead of me.

I love making plans! When I feel down I open my macbook and typ in “Solotravel” or “Backpacking Thruhiking Trails” or whatever what brings me away from the block where I live or away from my narrow head. Another way of escaping daily life is taking my Olympus out with the 60mm macrolens and focus on ánything in my garden or backyard. Very calming. I have difficulties with daily life sometimes….since I discovered travelling instead of men….haha….and I cannot travel the year round.

Bút No Complaints here. 2019 will be filled with destinations and explorations. New countries, new cultures, new people, new experiences.

A very special trip to the French snow with my three sons is almost there. Skiïng with them is 9 years ago…and there was always an experienced “Man” with us. It’s gonna be hilarious with the four of us. Fingers crossed (not legs) that I return in one piece.

Paul and me will be having our shared 2019-holiday in Morocco in late April. I spend weeks and weeks reading blogs and reviews about the South and prepared an extraordinairy two-weeks trip. Paul doesnot mind I take the lead here, in fact, he’s very pleased with it. He works behind a computer all day and cannot be bothered in his late evenings. He trusts me completely in this matter, how good is that! He probably knows that I am obsessed to get the best out of it….and that my best is most of the time also his best. We both like remote nature, mountains, hiking, photography, sleeping in a little tent and adventure. There were two things that must be in it: mountain Toubkal and desert. The slaughtering in Imlill brought for a short moment some riples in the water, but only shortly. We will hike to Toubkal, period! And we will drive in our own jeep into the desert for three days, period! Looking very much forward to this one.

My summer 2019 solotrip is at this moment just a flight to Oslo (€150🐬), a train ticket to Finse (€50) and a membership for the dnt mountainhuts in Norway (€60) . I will be hiking there for three weeks, me and my 20 kg rucksack again, same packing list as for the JMT, except the 1 kg. bear vault, so 1 kg more food. As budget as Norway can be. Get my arse out of the train in Finse (they say that only people with huge rucksacks leave the train in Finse) and …….no further plans yet. Me, alone, hiking as long as i like, in nature. This definitely will need some more attention…but I am too excited about the last trip…and already reading about that one.

Autumnholiday happened very unexpectedly to become a girlstrip to Malaga. I was invited and of course I wanted to join them.

En wel de bergschoentjes eronder.

Thats not happening a lot in my life, most people are scared of me… I think, most of the time I want too much….. I must admit that the first thing that popped in my head was doing this famous trail against a rock, the Camito del Rey. My dear friend with acrofobia (hoogtevrees) is thinking about joining me. Well, how this will end …you certainly will read about that.

They made a banister now…

And then ….. finally… after years of thinking about it….. Paul&I will (highly likely) end this year in Bhutan. I am studying (ánd we are saving-saving) on it at the moment what is the best period of course within my schoolholidays. There is a chance, because of trekkings we want to do there, that December limited that aspect too much and we have to go in April 2020…. But we will go!!

I decided not to wait till my pension before visiting The Himalaya!

So dear readers, you definitely will hear from me again.

PS: All the pictures are stolen from internet, because I was not yet there. Except me and my family 8 years ago.

Dreaming away…
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  1. Wat spannend allemaal. Verrassend. Uitdagend.


  2. I’m looking forward to read all about the experiencess.


  3. Leuke update mam! Mooi avontuurlijk jaar voor de boeg weer! Tot donderdag!


  4. Geweldige plannen Caro! Vooral Marokko, die dagen in de woestijn.


  5. Wauw, wat een plannen. Jullie moeten snel een keer komen eten en ons alles vertellen over de plannen! XX


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