Snowplowing in the Alpes part 1

It turned out that my sons and me together are having a skitrip, no partners, just us. Pretty special for me who’s children are already living for approx 10 years or more on their own.

We could arrange 6 days in our agenda’s and a car so there we went. Boys like driving so …easy job for me. Old fashion lunches&candybox in the back.

If I take my camera out…..

When the first mountains loom up (opdoemen is loom up?… je moet de vertalingapp maar geloven hè) the exitement rises too. My middle son has the same “mountains are calling- feeling” as I have, funny to notice. This whole six days will be a feast of recognition (really?? can I trust the translation-app? Who knew that een feest der herkenning could be translated haha).

We started friday with full sun, happy but all a bit nervous, me definitely the most, véry nervous. In fact I am not a skiër, I started in my fourties and it never got to a black piste. Red was possible but I never really really enjoyed it. Blue was nice, after a day even great but the danger of loosing control was always there. I like everything around it more I guess, the laughing, being outside and active all day, the terasses, the views, being in an open elevator (de stoeltjeslift), showering in the hotel, cosy hotel, playing cards together, drinking wine…reading a book in your bed…. yeah.. perfect holiday. I always thought with my three sons a skitrip was the best way to spend time together!

I have to pee and they have to wait a lot

First day started with perfect sunny weather. They looked after me very well, we all needed to build up some cofidence. Very clear that they donot need that much time…but they stayed with me (ahhhhh).

Too soon the clouds came in, the snow…and I couldnot see shit anymore. Totally not positive for the very thin fragile confidence of me, but I got down in my snowplowy own way and the last bit by skilift, NO WAY i take a red slope now.

But all part of the experience! Day 1 was fun, love, exciting, tiring, sweating, exhausting…. amazing sometimes how you are struggling with shoes, skis, lift, slopes, getting up after a fall… but still you are satisfied. Of course I managed again to fell out of the skilift in the end and they had to stop it. I think I fell 3 times the first day, it has been worse in the past. No injuries because of my speed haha.

Maybe I get one normal picture coming days

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  1. Wat een heerlijke momenten met jouw Boy’s Caro!
    Nice pics to😎!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  2. Heerlijk Caro! En zo speciaal…alleen met je mannen!
    Dat is Genieten!! 😘

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  3. Heel herkenbaar. En ik maar denken dat jij zo’n dare devil bent! Maar ziet er wel heel gezellig uit.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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