Skiing in the Alps, part two.

It is a whole hussle and dussle to get up there. At the second skiday it maybe goes a bit faster than the first one, but still…i think frequently how strenuous it in fact is, specially for the not so experienced ones. I can compare all the effort it takes to get on your skies first up hill and then back down again with hiking fully packed to the summit. For me the big difference is being out of control on a pair of skies every unexpected moment, I think it is going great and all of a sudden Whhhaaaaaa….. too fast…Well, keep in mind it is still on a blue or green one haha, so how fast can you go? But being out of control every time again downhill, or even not on a slope at all, or even without ski’s under the ski shoes, going down for a pee…. I do not think that skiing will ever gonna be totally in control and relaxing for me. But…I am outside, I am with good company and when you down smoothly and ín control, you feel awesome!

The views are breathtaking

The second skiday we started with perfect sunny weather. What a beautiful views! You can go up here to 3330m to Pic Blanc, to ski down on a nice black way back. NO WAY for me, I only went there to inhale the view. I haven’t seen the Alpes so stretched out down below me before. I realized I have not been in the Alpes for quite a while and it was always on a racebike. I do not know what the highest climb was I ever did (Col du Galibier at 2646 m?) but I have never seen this white mountainrange around me…all the peaks everywhere you look, it’s amazing.

The boys are skiing so much better than me and then I remembered, very nice to see even I cannot follow them. The second day it was about time to let them go. Gogogo you and leave me Clumsy Mumsy on my own. We took some pictures of each other because the sun was out and then…byeeeee, see you at lunchtime.

In fact I liked it on my own for a moment, no stress at all, no hurry’s…no looking around and searching where they have stopped. Time flies on a piste, thats a fact. At lunchtime unfortunately the clouds came in and in no time the terras was totally empty and we were sitting in the snow and icy wind. What a pity, but we still had fun. These three boys together are SO much fun, I really filled my laughingbattery completely. Skiing after lunch, despite the vin chaud, was not so much fun anymore for me. I couldnot see shit with my glasses on, even not with the yellow ones. Really terrible sight. Skiing with no glasses gave me tearful eyes immediatly and a totally blurred view, snowflakes are very romantic but not straight in your eyes…. Enough! I stop guys! Luckily for me they were also tired and of course they had even less sight with their speed, so back home all together! A few hours later we were playing cards with beer&wine in a warm cosy hotel where diner will be served. I so love this formular. They learned me Farmerbridge (boerenbridge) and within seconds the Whowwwhs, Aaaahhh’s and Shiiiiiits flew over the table, fun for us, not so much for the rest of the guests I guess. With beginnersluck I played them all under the table haha.

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  1. Lovely pica’s again Caro. Nice to have so much fun with your boys


  2. En wat zie je er wouwie uit in je witte outfit!! xxxx


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