Third day with my sons in the Alps

The weather forecast for day 3 was perfect, full sunny day ahead of us. We were looking forward to the sun and sitting on a terras during lunchtime. I had to be very severe to the boys this morning to be at 9 sharp in the queue for the first cablecar (cabinelift) up, but we managed, eventually they understood that spending that hour in your bed while the sun is shining up there and fresh prepared slopes are waiting for you was a pity. We did not spoil that best hour in the morning this day, together with loads of other people, no clue where there came from, they were just there. Okay….goodmorning everybody!

The hour after i opened my eyes in the morning and it seemed to be too early to wake them up, I studied at some videolessons for beginners to get a bit more control over my skis…. did not really help…but, well, maybe it did a bit, Milan and Yori said several times that it definitely looked better then years ago, for me it for sure did not feel better. But, no problem, the sun was out!

We started together and then we split up. They did their reds or blackies and I enjoyed myself on the blue ones. It got pretty crowded on this sunny Sunday. I am aware of my moaning but it wás more difficult for me with all these (slierten) classes on the slopes, 10 little children in a row crossing your way or 10 adults like me not able to avoid you in time….well I did not mind to sit down after a few hours.

We met at the terras, hijacked four chairs and the party could begin. I think we had to wait 45 minutes for our drinks to arrive, the cue for the toilet was 15 min. at least and our chips were still not there after 70 min. “Zorry, ve vorkot, 70 min.?? Excuser! I bring you trois frites right away.”

We did not really mind, lying there, chatting and sunbathing away, it was our only extended lunch during the four skidays. But all good things must come to an end so back on the skis. Yori and Milan off to their blacks and Jelmar and I just wanted to go down in an easy way. It turned out the snow had melted quite a bit and there were loads of lumps at the slopes, nice to jump over if you can, i just lost my balance every time I involuntarily skied in it. Lucky me Jelmar had also had enough of this demanding exercise and we ended up on a terrace again, waiting for the young-ones. Great warm day we had. Looking forward to shower, wine and playing cards. I was not that lucky anymore and they beat me over and over. “Pfff, I was too tired to mind.”

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