Last part of The Anglesey Coastal Path

Day four (thursday 18 July) started early but most breathaking. The weatherforecast was rain today…but so far pretty good. I wasnot in a hurry at all, I was in fact already too close to where I would have end this hike, my map didnot go any further as well…. Paul would pick me up on the trail friday and he would hike towards me starting in Cemeas….but I could walk past Cemaes today already if I would. It was going much faster than I thought at the start. Both totally not a real good reason to slow down….but I did….slow down…The sun came out during the day and I fell down on a high cliff in a gorgious field with a thick soft carpet of grass…my rucksack was a perfect chair. Amazingly comfortable I stayed in that possition for 2,5 hours. I made a choco, read my Kindle, fell asleep, made another tea, read again, ate my trailmix….perfect!

My trailmix by the way, is selfmade. I buy lately all our nuts in “the Notenshop” online in kiloos, só much cheaper, especially the pijnpoompitten. But they are not in my trailmix haha. I take a combination of pecan/macademia/walnut/amandel/hazelnut which I roast and salted. I add cubes of coconut (delícious, also from the nutshop), dried bananaslices (also), dried cranberries and raisins and of course m&m’s. For me this is the perfect trailfood. 125gr a day feeds you enough.

The day was cloudy in the morning but didnot spoil my mood

Colors also in cloudy weather still striking

Bit different landscape this fourth day, very stretched and heather everywhere.

I am surprised by the beauty again, sometimes I feel like it is the coast of Portugal. It is more going up and down through the hills…I meet a few elder couples on the trail close to Amlwch.

The Copper harbour…clear not?

There’s an old Copper harbour in Amlwch with a little museum. I never go ín a museum when i am on the trail, but I read all the subscriptions on posts on the way, or the texts at the entrance….so they had copper in Anglesey…once. After this village the path is a bit ugly…bit industrial area. I knock on a door again, always a surprise with whom you’re gonna make a nice little chat…After 4 solo days i also like to have a chat with no matter who. I ask for water and filled up with 3 kiloos I am safe to leave this area towards Cemaes.

The clouds come in and the threat of rain is above me. Oké, time to find a tentspot. My last pitch is a luxery one. On a beach with a little ruine and a picknicktable I decide to stay. The wind is very strong and no clue how far the water will come with the flood (vloed).The little wall here gives me some comfort. What a relief for my back to sit on a bench. The sun comes in for a bit and maybe I can have a swim (a bath i mean). I prepare my self for that….it is already 6pm, bit cold, and with my feet in the ocean I decide that clean feet is enough. I really am not a swimmer, bit scared for seawater…when i am alone… its so wide…and rocky…and you never know if a shark got lost. I have totally no signal in this bay. My big Anker accu is almost empty after 4 days, phone almost flat…but i have to app Paul where he has to go tomorrow…hmmm… After I am settled I hike up the steep stairs till i have signal and quickly app him where I am. I have not a good idea how close to Cemeas it is…no map anymore of this area, so we decide to meet tomorrow in Cemeas at the parking and then hike on together. Phone can go flat now, we will find eachother. Back by my tent i read as long as my eyes hold. It is cold and a sticky, bit weth atmosphere so close to the sea. The wind is really strong..happy with my sheltered spot. In my tent I read on with the sunset (not very impressive, but immediatly a nicer light than grey.

My fourth and last wildspot at the Path.

Clean feet.

This is a worth a lot to me.

During the night it starts to rain heavily…my tent is still waterproof, good to know. In morning I woke up at seven, still raining. At 8, still raining, At 9, still raining. I do not feel ány lust for packing up. I had my coffee, I had my Adventure Expedition Breakfast (sounds bit exaggerated here on this trail, i know, but it is tastful) , i had tea….still heavily raining. There comes a moment, even if it is raining, you háve to go on. Oké…waiting for sun is useless, there I go. In half an hour I am on my way again. My tent is for that reason outside my backpack, soaked wet, harming nothing.

Is that a shark?

In a few kilometers I see Cemaes around the corner. I must admit, rain and greyness is less uplifting. Also I feel the end is close…always besides “I am there” also a bit sad. That was it!

Nice to see my Welsh Paul after 4 days on his island

I have no plan. Paul wanted to hike today, but I am done now….in a way. Mentally done with this Coastal Path. We find ourselves a nice b&b, with a bath!, buy some wine….oké we hike a few kilometers in stormy weather for “the feeling”….but a bath after 4 days and a dinner in the Lobster Pot is the best ending of my first solotrip on Anglesey.

First fresh meal this week.

Dry tent in the rainless hour

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  1. Ziet er wederom super uit. Wat een mooie natuur! En je foto’s zijn gemaakt met je mobiel neem ik aan?
    De Notenshop!! Haha, daar koop ik ook mijn bulk pitten en zaden en noten.
    Van sojabrokken en cashewnotengruis en amandelgruis maak ik vegan melk en pijnboompitten (té lekker daar) en pompoem- en zonnebloempitten rooster ik voor door mijn salades.
    Ik wil in de leer bij je en ook daar een keer wandelen!!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

    • Ja, allemaal iphones…
      Ik ben daar (Anglesey) nu net geweest, kunnen we niet naar een nieuwe fotogenieke bestemming? Of het andere 2/3 deel van dit pad! Krijg je de beroemde lighthouses ook!


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