Not hiking is Bóring…..

Blogpost 19Wednesday 3 August

I’m ready for the next trial. Three nights in this too expensive familypark was at least one night too much. A miscalculation my side. Patricia Lake Bungalows, I would this never recommand to a single person. Chinese, American, German or whatever family with lots of kids running around and loudly having fun or yelling at each other or just talking at their picknicktable….if you are on your own, you hear everything….And it is not that i want to be annoyed or act like a grumpy old lady, not at all…I just prefer silence or naturesounds…or humansounds further away so i hear my own thoughts above it. I had to rést was written in my itinarary…but couldn’t really rest…I feel pretty restléss in fact.

Washing, doing groceries, cooking and repacking all my bags are not my favourite activities.

I packed my rucksack for the 3-days Skyline-trial, known as the most popular hike in the Rockies. So meeting a bear is zero chance.

In a few reviews i printed at home i read today that you must be prepared on snow, rain, wind and cold. Why is this for christsake so popular? You walk almost the whole 44,1 km above treelevel…and “will be completely exposed to stunning mountain scenery”. Also this exposed nature means that I “am at the mercy of the elements”.

Well, that is why! Sounds exiciting, not?

I have had that in Wales, know already how it can feel. I ám prepared!

“Losing 800 metres over the final 9 km is hard on the knees” sounds less exciting…bút I did such descents already 2 times earlier this week….I have great confidence in succeeding! 

It is a oneway-hike so I arranged a busshuttle from the end to the start in the morning and walk back to my car in 3 days. I could hitchhike I read but what if that won’t work? I would feel really stupid staying there eager to go hiking and everybody just ignores me, hour after hour. Hitchhiking is not common here so I choose this bus. Advantage is that this buss is filled with other hikers, so I will for sure find the start of the Skyline Trail. 

My second backpacktrail will for sure be more challenging then the last two days.

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  1. Hoi lieverd, fijn te horen dat je er vertrouwen in hebt😀Wij zijn net terug van n paar heerlijke dagen Zutphen, 20 km gewandeld id Achterhoek, licht glooiend, dag 2 , 60 km gefietst en dag 3 door Zutphen en Deventer gehiked. Wat denk je, zijn de Rockies volgend jaar ook haalbaar voor mij?😜

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  2. Ik hoop dat deze skylinetrail wel brengt wat je verwacht en hoopt. Mooie natuur, prachtige uotzichten en bovenal stilte. Ik kan me er iets bij voorstellen waar je aan toe bent na een paar dagen krijsende kids. Suc7!

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  3. I follow your trip with great admiration 🙂 Keep writing! X

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  4. Hoi Caro!
    Heel benieuwd naar je ervaringen op de Skyline Trail.
    Hoe lang duurt je reis in totaal ook alweer?
    Super dat je knie het tot nu toe goed doet trouwens!
    Ben ook erg benieuwd naar foto’s weer. Wat lijkt me dát gaaf, om te fotograferen in zo’n overweldigende natuur!
    Liefs, Jacqueline de Groot (vh van de dance feestjes, nu van de fotografie, haha)

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