Patricia Lake. 50 is só the new 20!

Blogpost 218 augustus 2016

I’m resting in a hostel…allright…sleep on top of a bunkbed, three bunkbeds in a small room, thank Bear my head is close to a little (open) window. Must have been 30 years ago I took such steps up to my bed, while there is a 19 year old boy under me. And these thin iron slats hurts my feet. Climbing in doesn’t make you feel any younger. 

Two earplugs in each ear and I’m out till morning rises. 

There is a báth in this hostel, really. A bath was just what I was longing for after my 27 Skyline-walkout km’s…and a glass of wine. Lucky me.

A lot of interesting people hanging around between 60+ and 19. I spent the first morning chatting with a Welsh woman my age..we ended up pretty soon in a café, skipped breakfast, ordered lunch..and (why not, it is a restday) wine! We had such a good laugh together. She definitely talks more, drinks more and is more crazy then me…what a fun to hang around with. 

Me&another Welsh person

But as it goes every day, people move on. I took the hostelcanoe at Lake Patricia and went rowing up the lake. What a calming sensation that was, be in the middle of a big lake…bit cloudy..threat of thunder in the air so every boat was gone. (I assume that was the reason) I must admit that I felt some worries, am not really fond of lots of water, specially not when I am in the middle of it, but my desire for this quiet peaceful atmosphere won. 

Patricia Lake

I took my ereader, glasses and inflatable little pillow and laid down on the bottom of the boat. For two hours I floated on this lake, even did a little nap, sun had come through again and I slowly paddled back. 

No rain, had lot’s of sun this day between the clouds. I cooked a meal in the hostelkitchen, 6 persons try to do the same that moment. Two electric pits worked, one microwave and everybody went fine. Very cosy together with stories from an old Canadian couple about some Dutch names (Abel Tasman and Dirk something…i remember not much, haven’t change since schooltimes) in the history of Canada , a German 19-year boy who looks like he just lost his diapers, has lived in Sao Paulo (20 million inhabitants) for 9 years, spoke also vloeiend Portugees, and missed this citylife in his German hometown. A 21-year girl from a little village near Montreal who shows me how she makes every year traditional maple-sirup with her family. In the spring, making holes in the treetrunks, and from this “sugarwater” till the mapleproducts like sirup, cream and kinda lollypops. I love all this stories so much that i didn’t care about the dirty poor kitchen anymore. 

This morning I wanted to go to the Moose-loop at Maligne Lake. Two girls wanted to join me. At 6 am we were in the car. 

Lake Maligne

We walked 8 km spotting Moose, in the mist and cold…

unfortunately we only saw a squirl.

Driving back to the hostel I was a bit disappointed, staring in front of me….and Hééé hooooo…Stóóóp. Again these young eyes! The girl from Montreal jumped out the car and followed the black bear along the road. I got the same attack of nervosity as at my first Bearmeeting. I took not one picture, forgot to push the button or held my phone upside down, I donot know. At the latest moment I made a video, in the meantime already 10 cars had stopped and a lot of people were out their cars with camera’s. Bear run away! 

Video of Bear!

Now I am totally packed for tomorrows 5-days Backgroundcampingtrail The Brazeau Loop. Checked food double this time. Every trial it is going better. Didn’t wash clothes this time..not sunny enough and in fact I do not care. Clean socks I have! 

A whole relaxing evening in front of me, that is new. I am looking forward to my next trial…i will be awake very early!!

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  1. Prachtige foto’s Caro en jeetje, video van een beer!!! Wauw. Mens, wat zul jij genieten daar!!!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  2. Che vuoi dire cinquanta ?

    Ciao Caro

    Geliked door 2 people

  3. Maar wat een prachtig verhaal weer, En ongelooflijk dat je die beer spot…..
    Geniet de aankomende 5 dagen !

    Geliked door 2 people

  4. HadieCa, haha no need to be nervous for bears with so many people around… poor bear! And how for g sake can you put TWO earplugs in one ear, or how to get them out? Byebye dear, i’m glad you have such a good time. Good luck at the five days trail 😘😘

    Geliked door 1 persoon

    • Bear seems not to care. If he did, he would attack, I aasume. Unfortunately for Bear, he will be probably killed afterwards.
      But you are right, when humans enter nature (or vice versa) mostly ugly or bad things are gonna happen. I am still (very) anxious to encounter Bear while hiking. No idea how such an experience will be.


  5. 50 is the new 20? Bear is the new God you mean haha geweldig! (Dacht eerst dat je bear grills bedoelde..) Ik ben nu wel heel benieuwd naar je eerste paniekerige bearmovie haha

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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