I couldn’t skip the Icelineloop!

Blog 23 Tuesday 18 august.

Monday washday!

You defenitely need a day in between for preparing the next trail.

Woke up at 6 this morning in The Fireweed Hostel in Field and went to the Iceline Trail without breakfast. I wanted to start as early as possible to avoid the crowd. I had my porridge and cappuccino 4 hours later at the top at 2230m. 

I met nóbody else till then, awesome! 


A beautiful hike again between glaciers….my favourite landscape here. 

The summit of Iceline Trail, sometimes I miss a photographer

I add my piece

My personal feeling of balance.

Yesterday was a restday. After housekeeping I visited some touristic spots like the Takakkaw Falls and Emerald Lake.

Driving around is also breathtaking.

difficult to drive safe

Lake Emerald

 I find it difficult to enjoy this between all these tourists with their camera’s, jumping out busses or campers to click-click and hup further on the road to see all there is to see between Calgary and Vancouver.

Have to wait till evening for some rest

 I am so glad I’ve eventually choosen to do what I am doing now. At first I also wanted to do éverything in North America ánd Canada, can you imagine haha. The Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park in the US, Vancouver Island…I thought six weeks is só long…Most people do more in three. And now I am hiking in this relative small area and time flies! I inhale every day and enjoy taking time for this. 

Walking 2km/h average, because of all the moments trying to be as mindfull as possible. I try to be in a certain state of consiousness as much as possible. There are still lots of times I am wandering about kids, family, work, friends, home, next goal, this goal, lost partners, lost loves, new friends, next partners..So I am glad if I don’t and just be who-ever I am at that moment. 

After the very long (23km) Icelineloop* back to my car I drove to Mountain Village Campground nr 1. near Banf. This is such a extremely big campground with hunderds and hunderds campers, tents, big 4-wheelers..etc. I was there 1 night with my little inimini Hubbahubba…for just the night. There was a hot shower, a sink, a socket to föhn my hair….left early in the morning for my next trip! 

The Yoho Valley

*You walk after the amazing beautiful Iceline trail further into the meadow Yoho Valley back to Takakkawfalls, 23km. 

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