After 4 weeks, bit of a dip during my restday.

This is not a normal blogpost..i do not give it a nr. Probably I delete it when I’ll be back from my hike.

I had my restday in this private room in Canmore. It was cloudy, raining all day and bitterly cold. So  perfect weather for resting. I was lying in bath two nights…lying on the couch for hours…got quickly some groceries… eat chocolatedessert… eat more … eat more… Yessss, also fresh healthy salade…And was apping and facebooking áll the time. I couldn’t stop. I started preparing my last two trails and was a bit shocked by the weatherforecasts. Bad weather!! Rain, clouds and cold! Which means probably what suppost to be my final most beautiful trip “The Rockwall”… i won’t see much but my snot.

Well this became the mood…didn’t want to go to sleep at night because friends just woke up in Holland and I could talk with them for a while… probably what I needed.

Finally my wifi got down…Bear was interfering of course.. so i was forced to sleep. Yeah yeah, a good thing, I know.  This morning i am not in a hurry at all. That will bring me some trouble maybe later on, on my way to Egypt Lake, would be nice to arrive before sunset. But it is so nice warm here, and comfortable…

Packing my rucksack is a routine now, no problem at all. It took me 4 weeks to achieve this eas. I am already packed for hours.

Leaving wifi is the problem, the contact… I made a last filtercoffee, writing this moaningblog (piss story says translater haha) is the last postpone .(uitstelgedrag=procrestination???) But I want to make clear that solotravel for 6 weeks is not only Joepiehee. This is part of it! Not that you think it is only fun laugh beauty and so on. Now i am achieving the brave part… to go on for 10 days…in less nice weather.

I leave for only 3 days this time to Egypt Lake. The same shuttlebus wil bring me up.

So byebye!

This sandwich will probably make me feel sick on the trail…

Wohw… a not porridge breakfast today!!

Food for the last 7 trails days, preparing is fun.

Oh what I just noticed: I have still all black (zwarte randjes) under my nails…. because my hands were all the time apping while bathing. 😂😂😂😂

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  1. Misschien toch ook nog maar onder water telefoon voor de volgende trip. Still going strong maar soms een beetje minder strong. Nou, dat mag best hoor. Je doet het hardstikke goed naar mijn idee. Geniet vooral nog even door.
    Groetjes Marjon v. N.


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