Life after Canada hard to find.

Has it really been this long (7 weeks) to find some time and motivation for blogging? How awful! I had to start working immediately after my first 6-weeks solotrip to the Rockies. My fulltime job in education asks much from my energy and focus. It confuses me. How to deal with the lack of time and energy and the dreams I had in Canada? Where are my dreams in fact? How do I get anything back after the past 7 weeks of working and dealing with “normal life”? Frustration is growing but also the will to get it back. So here we are again! On a lazy sundayafternoon…

In the weekends I try to hike in nature as much as possible, and that is not very much up till now. Only two weekends I was able to go. The Ardennes are my favorite nearby area and I try to go camping there as well. The weekends are meant to stay in a kind of shape. From the 5 lost kilos in Canada I ate already three back, so that is not really successful. I also never took 20 kilos back on my back, so that is the second part of failure considering “staying in shape”. Then the total walking distance in the past 7 weeks is 80 kms and that is failure nr 3.


Versie 2




Bit sun on a grey day



La Roche L’Ourthe en Le Gérard



Caching Sunlight in Autumn



Beautiful sunny day in October..

Well, La Gomera will be my next trip, and at the 3 three aforementioned points, I will suffer. Hiking around this island in 6 days will be a big challenge. My preparation sucks totally. I only booked a flight, oh wait… in fact somebody else booked it..So even that I didn’t do myself. Because this trip is not gonna be a solotrip, I could leave some preparation to my hiking buddy and I did…


La Gomera

But I am looking so much forward to hike again, to be in the mountains again, to be on my own again (my friend will probably hike much faster) and even to suffer again. La Gomera doesn’t have one horizontal meter and we have to hike 20 kms every day, so suffering will be definitely included.


Of course looking forward to be here

I have packed my rucksack at this moment with 14,5 kilo, that is 4,5 kilo too much.  This coming week I will focus trying to get this weight down to 10 kilo by taking each day a pound out. No camping on La Gomera, just finding b&b’s on the trail, the GR 132. No reservations made yet, even not for the boat from Tenerife to La Gomera. Let a bit of luck be on our side!

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  1. You should not think in ‘failures’, Caro!
    Denk aan wat je de vorige keer voor elkaar geschopt hebt in je eentje! Fysiek zowel als mentaal. Dat gaat je gewoon wéér lukken, for sure!
    Mooie foto’s maak je voorlopig ook al. En wie is Gerard? 😀

    Geliked door 1 persoon

    • Thanx Jacqueline. I just struggle with these things…and will try not to forget.
      Gérard is a friend, we go hiking together once in a while and now for a week. I will tell afterwards if I liked it 😊!


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