A summary about 6 weeks Rocky Mountains Canada.

I changed God during my sixweekshike through the Rockies into Bear. Thats way OhMyGod is now…..Oh my Bear, my last day is a restday. I sit on the porch in Spillmacheen for Bear sake and need to make an ending at this trip in my head. Tomorrow I drive to Calgary and will fly home. Back home work starts immediatly at Monday after a festivalweekend with dear friends in Maastricht.
* The start was shit, I need to get the €3000 back from Elumbus asap…Maybe find a lawyer to sort this out.
* I hiked in 37 days 450km, most of them with my rucksack between 20 and 17 kilo’s. It was not always a pleasure at steep parts, but i got pretty much used to it.

* The most intense experiences were on the top of mountains. That specific moment getting there, take a deep breath, looking around and get blast away by the astonishing views. I had that at:

* Nr1 The Nodge in The Skyline Trail

* Nr2 at the ridge after Cavell Meadows near Jasper

* Nr3 At the Wonder Pass in area Mount Assiniboine

* Nr4 At the summit of the Iceline (Trail)

* Nr5 At summit Fairview Mountain above Lake Louise

* Nr6 Jonas Cutoff summit in the Brazeauloop

* I prepaired this trip very well for a year, with ups and downs, all together a lot lot of hours. Almost everything worked out pretty positive. I am satisfied about this preparation.

* My gear was perfect, nothing missed, everything was of great value at several times: waterproofs, cookingstuff, poles, sleepingstuff, tent, rucksack, the loop (found my lens back), Garmin64S, pennknife, maps, creditcard. It was great to have my mountaineerfriend(s) last year to relay on, that helped a lot. Internet (and fysio) did the rest.

* I did as much walking as possible and the restdays in between were usefull. For a first solotrip it is recommended to rest in between to sort everything out.

* Booked accomodations I would not do again: Patricia Lake Bungalows, Airbnb RadiumHotSprings, Airbnb Spillmacheen, campground KinneyLake at the Berglake Trail (I skipped it there, campground Mount Robson is a much better choice if you can hike out). I got used to sleep very well in my tent, so booking campsites where your car is next to you are good enough for a restday. Or hostels! You better spend your money at nice dinners than idiotly expensive accomodations.

* Meeting people once in a while is essential on a six weeks trip. In hostels and at background campgrounds I met the most interesting people.

* The Rockies in Canada are a very safe area. I forgot six times my poles…they were always still there. I walked 450km in beararea…never saw one (little joke, there áre bears and sometimes they take hands). No scary animals like big spiders, snakes or cockroaches.

* Is it because of this cute story of “Grote beer, Kleine beer” i used to read to my children that I think Bear is a kind endearing person (vertederend). They should publish “Big spider, Little spider”.

* Because of my thorough preparation i could handle every situation: cold, wet, long, steep, heavy, loud, silence, complex, lost…I did it very well.

* Getting lost at these trails in Canada is almost impossible. I never had to use my compass and only once my gps.

* Very special to walk a trail where you only can get by foot. You are in a part of the country where silence and darkness are intense. The atmosphere I inhaled during almost all my hikes fullfilled me and I felt a sort of thankfullness, not véry spiritual, but as much as I could handle. I experienced mindfullness quite often.

* It was more crowded at most background campsites than I could imagine before in Holland. It is amazing how much you know now about the Rockies compared to six weeks ago. I feel quite experienced now.

* I will never experience a first solotravel, a first hikingtrip, a first rucksack-campingtrip, a first North-Americatrip, a first Canadatrip again. That makes me also a bit sad, isn’t that weird?

And the personal psychological part…

It was a special trip for me, one of a kind.. I can never copy this again, I know. I made a decision at 6 June 2015 after the 7th failed relationship. With every 7 I had (more or less) moments I thought we would grow old together. Travelling was a thing I was invited to by a man, they also payed for it. It was absolutely nothing I could do on my own and pay on my own. I quite this strong believe in a split second and immediatly a kind of freedom started to grow. Very very clear… and strange to experience. It took me so long and at once it opened.

Together with this decision a parallelproces inside of me took place but that is too personal for this blog. But I can imagine that every solotraveller will meet his or her internal proces as much as you permit. It is always your choice and it is always oké. I permitted it myself to the bottom and it worked out só fine in the past 14 months that my thankfullness is really huge.

I am not afraid anymore in a specific way. My song “Walk Unafraid” from First Aid Kit is replaced by “Courage” from Villagers.

This is the songtext:

Took a little time to get where I wanted

It took a little time to get free

It took a little time to be honest

It took a little time to be me

I took a little lover but then we parted

I took a little time to get over this

From time to time, I get heavyhearted

Thinking of how you used to kiss


It’s a feeling like no other

Let me tell you, yeah


In harmony with something other than your ego


The sweet belief of knowing nothing comes for free

Do you really wanna know,
About these lines on my face?

Well, each and every one is testament to

All the mistakes I’ve had to make

To find courage

It’s a feeling like no other

Let me tell you, yeah


In harmony with something other than your ego


The sweet belief of knowing nothing comes for free

For free…


It’s a feeling like no other

Let me tell you, yeah

It fits me this moment. Music is still a healing thing once in a while. I enjoyed it extremely while driving around here. I can make me cry or yell out of pleasure and enthusiasm.

I can be alone (and without this one and only partner) perfectly well without feeling groundless. (zonder grond onder mijn voeten). What a profit!
And now??
Of course so many things passed my mind.

I start with a photocourse next week in Maastricht for a year. That will help me to sort the best pictures and become a better photographer next trip.

I wanted to start a website where I go on blogging, I want to spread it out. Do not know how exactly..but something with “Inspiring, 40+, 50+, 60+, solotravelling after your youth, after your marriage or after whatever, good preparation, sharing. ” There is a lot to find on the net to get in contact with.

Next travels are popping up: Short ones like Iceland and La Gomera….

The next big one in the summer could be a part of the famous Pacific Crest Trail, the John Muir Trail maybe.

Patagonia also came along…but than I have to quit my job in our winter I am afraid.

And our Alpes, Dolomites and Pyrenees are for sure a goal when money shortens.

I see also most beautiful photo’s of other trips also now on FB from Peru and Equador, parts of the world I never thought about before…but inspiring too!

I have packed my suitcases now, was a hell of a job. To pack my rucksack is far more easy! I will have my last night in Canada and drive to Calgary in the morning!

Thanxxx everybody for all the reactions, I enjoyed it very much.

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  1. Wauw! Ik zou zeker een blog gaan bijhouden😀Save trip en tot gauw💋

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  2. That was a great last blog about your trip! You have talent, keep on blogging. Save trip home, and see you back in the flat country 🙂 x

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  3. Heel vet mam tot overmorgen alweer!! (Of was dat een verassing? Ik kan ’t me even niet meer herinneren… SPOILERALERT!) heb zin om je weer te zien!!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  4. As we Enjoy en your stores and pics. Safe trip home girl

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  5. Super gedaan, geweldige blogs, ben benieuwd wat je verder gaat doen.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  6. Wat heb ik genoten van je blogs en foto’s; het voelde een beetje als mee mogen reizen. Dank daarvoor! Have a safe trip home, Caro.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  7. Nice mom, Im very proud after reading all your blogs! You did very well overthere! And your english became better week by week! Start following spanish lessons so you can go to conquer the Andes and meet your new best friend mister Tarantula next year:)!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  8. Hoi Caro, ik lees dit nu pas. Is op een of andere manier op mijn facebook tijdlijn niet verschenen.
    Tanx voor het delen van je reis. Mooi om een beetje te kunnen meereizen op deze manier.
    Veel geluk met je innerlijke proces! Het zal de moeite waard zijn. En natuurlijk heel veel toekomstig loop/reis geluk gewenst ;-). Overweeg ook eens een wandeling in Nepal, zeer de moeite waard, mooie natuur en fijne cultuur. Zie je gauw! xx

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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