Day 2 Anglesey Coastal Path

The most beautiful second hiking day.

I woke up by the sun. You cannot imagine how happy that can make me, zipping open my tent, see the sun, the sea, the rocks, green field and nothing else…oh yeah…never forget the screaming seagull….They were everywhere this 5 days. Pee a few meters away in the grass, make my coffee…and the staring begins…Just staring in the sea, with my Nespresso cappucino (would be nice if there was a link now to Nespresso and they payed me a fortune for that….have to work on that one).

After a while I wanted to pack and go on. Having no goal but hike as long as I feel comfortable, gives a huge feeling of freedom….I could even walk only 5 km and pitch my tent again. But thats not how it works apparently….I wánt to hike. it is nice to do! My backpack feels not as terribly heavy as I thought it would feel. Strangly enough i also do not feel the pain in my hip anymore. I lost the trust in my own capabilities at home, thats why i cancelled Norway….but so far so good. I am on my way, on my own, and it is going great.

There must have been another animal who cut of the head not?

The weather is, lucky me, gorgeous. I pass loads of bays, climb over loads of big beach rocks, i wade through beach sand, walk over small roads sometimes. It is surprisingly divers. But NO PEOPLE on the path. So calm and peaceful. Every flower I see is colorful, i love them, keep making pictures of them, miss my macrolens. The beaches are so empty, in all the bays I pass it is quiet, like there are hardly people on this island. The schoolholidays haven’t been started yet up here, so maybe it will change next week…i like it like this. I feel so well that I take a long break on the beach, swimming is a bit too much for me, but i wash my feet. With the backpack as a back of a chair in my back, a selfmade soupy in my hand and my Kindle on my knees, I feel myself “the king too rich”. All for free! I puzzle on my map when i approximately want to stop hiking… clue, we will see.

I start hiking again…it showed 15 km on my app…what is in fact a bit my average distance, 10 miles. I felt like I could do another 15…..but…I was a bit overenthousiastic there….all of a sudden I got tired. So i had to look for water. 2 liters I need at least for a comfortable evening and morning for my evening tea, diner, morning coffee, porridge and brushing teeth. Nothing came along….nothing….kilometers later I passed a house, lady on the terrace, she loved to give me three liters. Huppakee 3 kilo on top I sloffed on. Happy though that I could fall down everywhere now in fact…. what I also almost did. I walked a wrong road nicely 1 km downhill..i had ignored a “private” sign…it ended on a perfect campingspot, beautiful cottage, flat green grassfield, nice terras with a table and chairs…view straight to the seaside far below…. But I didnot have the guts to pitch my tent in their perfect garden, they could come home any moment maybe….so …shitty enough…I had to get that road up again. And then I got a moment of misery…So tired, it was already past 7pm. I know it is not done to camp close to the official Coastal Path, but after 21,5km I had no other choice… 5 meters besides the path, there I was, bit embarrassed, hoping nobody would complain. Hours later, when I was completely installed, a local lady came to me and was or nosy or realy concerned…”Ma’am….are you sure you wanna stay here, you are ahwfully close to the cliff…if the wind comes…” . Wtf…are you saying that i can be blown away here??? She took here phone out, did some research and said that i probably would be fine. Grrrrr….I hate this afraidmakery. Now I was of cours more concerned when I heard any wind noise. She spoiled it a bit for me. But only a bit haha. I am very good in Ostrichpolicy, if i do not want it to be dangerous, because i am too tired to move, then it is save!

My second day was more than great. I was so satisfied and very surprised by the beauty and the remoteness of it. I can walk more than 15 kms, but more than 20 is too much. It is easy walking, now rock climbing or difficult routes, keep the sea on your right, thats it. It made me calm and rested. You can think a lot and let go a lot on the trail. I still can do it, not in Norway maybe, but in Anglesey!

I love my Minimo, a soupy in a split second.
So many colors on this hike!
Some people out there!
Moelfre I think
One of the cliffs with colorful seaweed.
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  1. Ik vind het toch zo gaaf!
    You go girl!!

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    • Ik denk dat ik iets gevonden heb om te reageren…. maar of dit nu op jou is of op mijn eigen bericht ….we zullen het zien. Maar dankje voor de aanmoediging! En ik help je graag op weg naar je eigen avontuur.


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