On my way, fingers crossed!

In Holland it will get to 27°C today. Isn’t that bizar warm for half October?

I am só well prepared. I was 10 min. too early at the busstop, then 22 min. too early at the trainstation and if no-one decides to jump in front of my train because he or she cannot stand the fact there is no depressing Autumn this year, far too sunny for a suïcidical, then I will arrive 3,5 hours before my plain takes off.

I left Autumn in Eindhoven

A bit bulky packed, but now I will understand the life of a camel much better.

And now comes the fingers-crossed part. Planes. Me&airplanes is trouble. I will probably die in a plane crash once.

I could check in yesterday so thats already much better than the last time. I decided to choose a 6 hours stop in Istanbul in stead of 2 , no way I can miss my connecting flight to Sharm El Sheikh. So what can go wrong: NOTHING.

I even cleaned my house before I left. I am sure Paul expects a total mess when he comes back from America…. because packing for me means running around, chaos, cannot find that one specific jacket, a box with 1000 rolling things drops in my attempt to do things as fast as possible, or a glass and I have to vacuüm the bathroomfloor and then I fell of the stairs while getting the cleaner also as quick as I can…But NO, really, everything went nice and calmly. I even had my best friend for a visit last night, relaxed drinking wine in the garden, can you imagine?

I must admit that I had a few worrying dreams about a huge inflamed toe, so I couldnot walk anymore, but again NO, I woke up complete healthy. Slightly hangover headache because I had to finish the bottle of wine of course. But thats long gone now because I am só excited!

I am só happy to be on my way!!

Sitting in the train to Schiphol Holland is passing by. Cycling the Pieterpad also would have been a nice one with this weather.

I love sitting in a train and look outside, getting to Schiphol without transfers and with my noicecancellation headphones is amazingly calm.

I arrived at Schiphol só early, i was the first to check in and there were 3 empty hours left . First perfume and some nice expensive cream on my face.

Then big thing….the camel will otherwise hate me…. nót buying ány sweetness … and find a corner at the airport to settle down.

On my way!!



Never put perfume or cosmetics on at home!


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