Autumn holiday with friends in Malaga

This week I read a post somewhere How it can feel if you have no travel booked to look forward to.

Well…..Total panic! Not living! I am dying! Nothing planned?! Unbelievable! No way!

So almost on my way to Malaga I am already dreaming ahead about all the other big plans.

Sicily in december is ready, car/hotel/itinerary done, hikingarea’s clear. Etna hopefully doable by foot..we will see at that moment. A whole week driving/hiking/exploring this super Italian island. Nice way to end the year.

Februari-holiday is open and empty because (not specifically travelblogworthy) we bought a house and will be moving by then ….. ánd…even more exciting and also not really a message for a travelblogger..but my son is gonna get his first child (together of course with “my daughternotinlaw”) and so I will be grandmother for the first time. Two big livechanging things that will keep me home in Februari… But in April we will make that up by going to whaaaahaaaa……..Nepal.

Its decided and booked. We are trekking into the Himalaya for 17 days. A longliving dream to see these mountains is coming true. No Bhutan but Nepal in 2020. More about this next time.

First thing now is this special ladytrip to Malaga. I am asked to join my ladyfriend with her two ladyfriends. I felt very honoured and doubted not for a second. Yess of course, that would be fun! Nice! So here I am, ready to go into a completely different setting. I am not totally in charge, I have to adjust, to compromise probably, to set my activityexpectations very low, to calm down in making plans and wanting to go up that mountains. They maybe sleep in the mornings while I am awake at 6. They maybe want to have a full breakfast while I see the best hours of the day passing by. They maybe want to chat till deep in the night while my eyes are falling and I prefer a sunrise so badly. They probably want to go shopping…. and I háte shopping after 5 minutes. Uhmmmmmm….what else can possibly go wrong….

Haha, dramadramaqueen is talking. I managed to book The Caminito del Rey, and one of them is joining me. So one beautiful hike with a view is ensured! Probably enough excitement for the week.

I am taking my Garmin-gps and course book and can maybe make little hikes in the environment of Fuengirola. Just to see a little bit of the environment…maybe. I of course bring my camera, so some silent concentrated moments for a bit of photography….maybe.

I will bring a book about Nepal and who knows, I might like it as well just to have a holiholiday! To be a lazy lady with nice friends and having a relaxing time together. Maybe I can accept that i do not have to go out every day on a hike with a fully loaded pack. Maybe I can try to swim in their pool and lay on a bed afterwards. Maybe i can rest. Maybe it will all be fine.

But where do I have to blog about then?

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  1. Goed bezig, met vriendinnen is ook eens leuk😀😀


    • Oh, i think you will find something to blog about. Have a nice time with your friends my dear and enjoy!!! Even when it’s so different as your usual holidays!!


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