Missed my flight, now in London Hotel

Years ago I watched the serie “Hotel” on television. My last 22 hours does remind me of that. (Vroeger keek ik wel es naar de serie Hotel. Oh ja ik had gisteren besloten toch te proberen in mijn armoedige Engels te bloggen…en dan maar af en toe er wat Nederlands doorheen te breien als ik het niet weet. Engelstaligen vergeef me al mijn fouten, Paul probeert me te corrigeren.) 

A big Crowne Plaza hotel, fully booked and everywhere members of staff in a clear hierarchy. I was treated in my hikingboots, shirt and slobbywobbytrousers as a classy lady. Probably because they saw the bill I paid at the airport. I was brought here in a personal cab, brought to the reception and a while later brought to my room. 

This was a bit disappointing i must say, it smells!! Thick (old) carpet on the floor…(my fancy Samsonite didn’t roll fancy here, you had to push hard) and non-opening windows. Because of the high temperature last days, the animals in the carpet had great fun I think. Four big beds and an enormous bathroom with a double bath for me&myself. 

I turned on the airco and went immediatly to dinner at my flipflops because I desperately wanted to get drunk. With perfect wifi I spend whole evening high quality dining&wining (all-included, also the wine…damned.. I definitely would have ordered a big bottle of champagne if i had known that). I only had to nod and hup somebody was there with the hands on the back, slightly bending. I ordered several times several little things extra and hup there it was. I really was getting the max out of it, I só deserved it. Back in the room the heat slapped me in the face, airco didn’t work. I called reception and hup a maintenance-man knocked carefully on the door. An old dark thick very very kind soft sweet humble person tried to explain it could not be solved at the moment. Okay. He was to kind to get mad at him. He brought me a big van and when he ask if everything was fine….I start crying. Oh my god!! He really did not know what to do and while mumbling “I am so sorry Madam, I am so sorry” ..he slowly moved backwards to the door and said “I will get the manager, really Madam, wait a second Madam”.

And now the serie popped in my mind. A crying lady in room 0236! What can be done?! Bring her sómething! Already a big van? This is the single lady they just brought in. Oké! Immediatly transport her to a room with airco. No more crying scenes please! 

And so it went. Within a minute a very young thin white also very very kind manager knocked on my door. He didn’t make me cry…too young I guess…and transported me. In no time I was in a freezing cold room, with a wooden floor, no bad smell…The bath was unfortunately smaller. 

This morning after breakfast I went back to my room, stopped the airco, opened the window as far as it could (4 inches) and spend THE WHOLE DAY lying in my room. A lady who wanted to clean at approx 11 startled when i opened the door, “Sorry, Madam” and hup she was gone. Three hours later the cleaningmanager came to ask very politely when I was planning to check out. I asked here if I could stay because … tears were cómiiiiing…And after a minute I was loaded with extra chocolate and powders because I already put every little thing in my suitcase. “Bye Madam, hope you feel better Madam”. It was no problem to stay there till my personal cab has arrived. “Please keep the crying lady in her room!”

I just checked out.. Had to pay nothing … Could not tip because had no pounds. The chauffeur dropped me in front of the right terminal.  I know now where I payed for. 

Just entered the Heathrow airport and must say: am a bit nervous! 

10 minutes later I feel a real world-solo-travellerin! Thanks to Paul who instructed me perfectly yesterday how to order your handlugage. The liquids, plastic bags…the mac/etc…

Wohw, I’m in. See you in Canada! 

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  1. WHOEHOE. Canada here she comes. I think she will langs weer she arrives !!!!!

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  2. What a verhaal mam! Zoals my girlfriend Moyra al said; heel beautiful gewritten! Zo’n emotioneel verhaal kan niet wachten op perfecte gramatica, veel beter zo!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  3. Caro, wat ben je ook een rare vogel! Alle respect hoe je je er door slaat!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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